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Shaheennewstv.com is on the lookout for talented writers and journalists that are capable of producing content of the highest caliber! Those with professional writing and editing skills are also encouraged to apply. This is an opportunity that requires travel, but you are also encouraged to discuss worldwide themes.

Which Kinds Of Articles Do We Look Forward To Reading?

  • Accounts of recent events written in a journalistic tone

  • Please be aware that we do not cross-post any content and only accept unique articles. Shaheennewstv.com does not post any items that are either designed for blogs or written in a way that is typical of blogs.

To Submit A Pitch, Please Include The Following:

  • The enticement of the piece — what is the primary argument?

  • Include five reasons in the bullet point format that explain why this issue is essential and why our readers will find it intriguing.

  • Before we continue, could you double-check that this subject pertains to food and agriculture and that we haven’t already discussed it? (to look for something on foodtank.com, use the search bar)

  • In what ways is this topic topical and relevant? For example, a couple of lines that provide a link to a scholarly publication, reputable news source article, etc.

  • Include possible sources, such as pertinent reports, links, and articles that you’ll utilize as sources for the piece you’re writing.

  • Interviews with experts and opinions: please give the interviewee’s ideas and contact information (s)

Guidelines For Submitting Content May Be Found On Shaheennewstv.Com.

  • Title: Give the reader three possibilities for catchy titles.

  • The recommended word count for articles is between 550 and 800. Articles that are more than 800 words long will not be taken into consideration.

  • When referencing external sources, make sure you utilize hyperlinks rather than footnotes. Footnotes are not recommended.

  • Include a landscape photo for the article that is 1500 pixels wide by 900 pixels high and less than 800 kilobytes in size, together with a reference and a caption, or propose a photo from istockphoto.com.

  • Two descriptions of the article’s subject matter, one long (less than 20 words) and one brief (less than 160 characters). Both teasers should be under 160 characters.

  • Include a brief biography of yourself along with a headshot. This is required.

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